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    Blue rare – barely warm inside, just seared on the outside

    Rare – warm inside, juicy, red center

    Medium rare – hot center, juicy, pink center

    Medium – still juicy, a hint of pink

    Medium well – faded shades of pink, less juicy

    Well done – fully cooked, no juices, brown

    Each steak is served with fried wedges (from fresh potatoes), sweet corn, salad, and a choice of sauces (green pepper, chimichurri, homemade brown sauce, porcini). If you desire another side, choose from the following: fries, mashed potatoes, grilled mushrooms, grilled vegetables, pan-fried potatoes with garlic and herbs.
    Each meat size portion is calculated raw.
    In some situations, certain cuts may not be available, due to the slow aging process. Thank you for understanding!